Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Found this while browsing

This is a nice list of Paleo foods available from Trader Joe's, many of which I bought yesterday before even finding this list. But, I'll have more ideas for next time, especially a nut butter and the broth concentrates.

Day three is going well so far, but I will have some serious temptation to resist tonight. My friend, Mandy, hosts a book club named Books, Booze and Baked I might have to bring something to distract myself. We are reading a book of Jewish fables so there is going to be Challah bread and Apple Spice Cake - both which sound pretty awesome to me, but for this first 30 days I am not going to stray from Paleo eating unless its for a REALLY good reason. Sadly, this does not count. I may have a bit of booze, but to me that might just make it harder to resist the baked goods, so we'll see.

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